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Private Public Garden http://free-london.com/private-public-garden/ http://free-london.com/private-public-garden/#respond Mon, 01 Jan 2018 15:26:37 +0000 http://free-london.com/?p=1116 Continue reading "Private Public Garden"]]> London is all about parks and gardens. Some gardens you can only get to if you have a key or pay a visit on an open-door day.  Yet there are some that are open to public but they are so tacked away that few know about them.  Such is the lovely garden in the Center for Reconciliation and Peace Center off Bishopsgate Street. It is behind St Ethelburga’s Church.

A rare example of a medieval City church, it survived through the Great Fire of London and the Blitz in WWII but was severely damaged by an IRA bomb in 1993. It has since re-opened as a center which builds bridges across divisions in culture and religion, bringing together people of various backgrounds. Come to take part in one of its many programs or simply to sit and reflect in its lovely garden or bedouin tent.

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London At a Glance http://free-london.com/london-at-a-glance/ http://free-london.com/london-at-a-glance/#respond Sun, 31 Dec 2017 13:16:36 +0000 http://free-london.com/?p=1106 Continue reading "London At a Glance"]]> Imagine looking through the airplane window when you descend in one of its airports. The winding ribbon of the Thames river,  the Tower Bridge, the Eye, the Parliament and many of its other iconic sites. You can get the same view from the ground at the Building Center, a 1:2000 scale interactive model of central London. The 12.5 meters-long installation, it covers more than 85 square kilometers, 19 boroughs and about 170,000 buildings, including the river itself with its 21 bridges.

Touch screens will help bring buildings to life highlighting the way the city has developed over time. The Building Center offers other free exhibitions and events throughout the year.

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Free of Transport http://free-london.com/free-of-transport/ http://free-london.com/free-of-transport/#respond Sat, 23 Dec 2017 22:05:28 +0000 http://free-london.com/?p=1087 There is no public transport running on Christmas Day! So why not use this opportunity and walk the streets of London at liberty! Transport of London has some routes to suggest.

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Marchons! Marchons! http://free-london.com/marchons-marchons/ http://free-london.com/marchons-marchons/#respond Sat, 04 Mar 2017 11:21:37 +0000 http://free-london.com/?p=1072 The world is celebrating the International Women’s Day next week. Get yourself in the spirit of gender equality with this Sunday’s March for Women! The event will be led by Dr Helen Pankhurst, great-granddaughter of suffragette leader Emeline Pankhurst, Sadiq Khan and Annie Lennox.

Get your free tickets here

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Public Private View http://free-london.com/public-private-view/ http://free-london.com/public-private-view/#respond Wed, 15 Feb 2017 01:37:18 +0000 http://free-london.com/?p=1059 Continue reading "Public Private View"]]> When in Mayfair, don’t reduce your time to shopping and restaurants only. There are more than 100 private galleries which are open to public and work later than regular museums. A most recent addition is the Eden Fine Art Gallery hailing from the New York art scene. It is now showcasing works by David Kracov which are an explosion of colour and happiness.

See the full list of galleries.

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Revolution Time http://free-london.com/revolution-time/ http://free-london.com/revolution-time/#respond Wed, 15 Feb 2017 01:14:15 +0000 http://free-london.com/?p=1052 Continue reading "Revolution Time"]]> It’s been a hundred years since a revolution in Russia swept away the tsar, the country and turned the life of people on its head. Revolution 17 is a project which delves into the century that followed through music, theatre, performance, talks and films, exploring the story of Soviet and then post-Soviet Russia with a wide range of free events.
Dash Arts, set up by Josephine Burton and Tim Supple in 2005, is a unique platform which has since produced  many events with artists from around the world. A lot of their work focuses on the countries from the Post Soviet states. Events from the past included tributes to singer-songwriter/ actor Vladimir Vysotsky and rock singer Viktor Tsoi, Ukrainian cooking demonstrations, Georgian film, living at a Russian dacha weekend and talks about sex in the Soviet Union. More details.

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Short Stories From Japan http://free-london.com/short-stories-from-japan/ http://free-london.com/short-stories-from-japan/#respond Wed, 15 Feb 2017 00:24:43 +0000 http://free-london.com/?p=1044 Embassies in London are not just about diplomatic stuff and visas. Some showcase their culture to general public in free exhibitions. Japanese Embassy is exhibiting comic short stories through the end of March. You cannot take pictures inside for security reasons. Details.

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Free Time Machine http://free-london.com/free-time-machine/ http://free-london.com/free-time-machine/#respond Sun, 05 Feb 2017 22:28:24 +0000 http://free-london.com/?p=1033 Continue reading "Free Time Machine"]]> It’s round the corner from Barbican Centre in Charterhouse Square and started off as a priory next to a mass Black Death grave. Now it is often referred to as an Oasis in the City. And it is really. Spanning more than six centuries of sometimes tumultuous history, the Charterhouse next to the Barbican tube station and the Smithfield market and what will soon be a Crossrail hub, is a quiet abode for 45 male pensioners. Wind back to the 14th century, a Carthusian monastery was founded there following the plague in which thousands of people died, more than 50,000 of them burried in a pit. It is now a lovely garden in Charterhouse Square.
Reformation brought the end to monks’ peaceful life and in the 16th century it fell into the hands of aristocracy. Queen Elizabeth I stayed there before being crowned to sense out the sentiment. The place was bought by then richest man in England Sir Thomas Sutton, who gained wealth through coal trade, marrying well and renting money at 10 percent. He was also a philanthropist and donated the ex priory for it to become an almshouse for gentlemen pensioners, at the time soldiers and servants to the King. The community now consists of former teachers, musicians, writers and clergymen. Once a week, the brothers give tours of the Charterhouse. You will see pretty much everything but their flats including the Great Hall where breakfast, lunch, tea and supper are served daily. You have to pay for the tour and to be able to see most of the premises but its museum is free. The Chapel also hosts concerts. 


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Explore Electromagnetic Field http://free-london.com/explore-electromagnetic-field/ http://free-london.com/explore-electromagnetic-field/#respond Wed, 01 Feb 2017 21:26:04 +0000 http://free-london.com/?p=1016 Continue reading "Explore Electromagnetic Field"]]> At a museum dedicated to Michael Faraday in the Royal Institution and over 200 years of history-making science. From the odds and ends that became the first electrical transformer to the tube that told us why the sky is blue. The highlight of the museum is Faraday’s magnetic laboratory displayed as it was in the 1850s opposite a current nanotechnology lab.


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