Long Live The Longplayer

It’s a long way getting there but it’s worth it. And there is time as it is a 1,000-year long composition. It has been playing already for 16 years, so another 984 years to go. Conceived and composed by Jem Finer, one of the founding members of The Pogues band, the Longplayer is located in the 19th century lighthouse at Trinity Buoy Wharf. The composition of Longplayer results from an application of simple rules to six short pieces of music. Six sections from these pieces are playing simultaneously at all times.

Longplayer chooses and combines these sections in such a way that no combination is repeated until exactly one thousand years has passed. There are 234 singing bowls, used as a part of the 66-foot-wide orchestral instrument to perform Longplayer Live. There are also public listening posts around the world, and a continuous online audio stream. Listen in, take in, meditate and walk around the area which also has an American-style diner, a café, and an artsy office space made from disused shipping containers.

Author: Freelondon

I am a journalist and a big fan of London. I decided to combine the two to help people enjoy what this great city has to offer for free.

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